Minecraft Beta 1.6.5

There are some annoying bed bugs in multiplayer in this version, I’ll fix those next week.


* Tweaked the connection reading code a lot. Hopefully this helps.
* Changed the “limit framerate” option to a “framerate cap” option.
* Added “Advanced OpenGL” again
* Players riding anything or sleeping in anything will stop doing so when they leave the game now
* Removed the minecraft version number from the main game window. It’s still available in the title screen
* Fixed some entities appearing to fall through the ground repeatedly in multiplayer (some might still do so)
* Fixed the server sometimes thinking the player hit a corner when walking when they didn’t
* Fixed dropped damaged items vanishing after a single use after being picked up
* Fixed dropped items not getting ejected from blocks properly
* Fixed the achievements window rendering some graphics outside the clip window
* Fixed players saving while sneaking being loaded too high up
* Fixed shift+click transferring items causing a crash when the target container is full
* Fixed lighting updates sometimes not happening correctly
* Fixed the players health appearing to be full when entering/exiting the nether
* Fixed a couple of instances where beds would act strange in multiplayer, primarily the “already occupied” bug

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    can u fix the bug that crashes the game when i sleep!?!
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